Great Mens Watch Brands

It is hard to say what makes a watch maker a great brand name. In some cases, it is how it gets started. In others, it is how they change the world, the industry and themselves. In other cases still, it is the ability to make make something good and continuously improve on it. Ultimately, it comes down to meeting the needs of the people and knowing how to please them at the same time. And if that makes a company great in the eyes of history there is no need to argue about it.

MVMT, as a company, is a great maker of watches not just for the style and variety of timepieces they sell. The cornerstone of their business is the idea that owning a quality watch should not strain one’s personal finances. As they state it, “Style shouldn’t break the bank”. Along with this mantra, the watch makers have other innovative and economic products and business policies. For example, they offer interchangeable straps that help to keep a fresh look to their watches. The company also offers a two-year warranty on every product they sell. Orders of fifty dollars or more are sent to customers with free shipping and handling. This shipping and handling policy also applies to return orders of fifty dollars or more. MVMT is a very young business that got its start through social media funding in 2013. Since then their online following is now over a million strong and growing.

Citizen deserves recognition for being a great mens watch brands name. This is due to their longevity and pioneering innovations in the industry. Their history begins in 1930 and not only does the company survive but grows worldwide. This happens through an artisan level of crafting work products and a global vision. The watch makers of Citizen desire every man on earth to own a watch worry free of replacing its parts. That is why they spearheaded the movement of manufacturing watches that do not need a battery. This concept of “The fusion of technology and beauty” heralded the Eco-Drive collection. The big idea behind the movement that started in the 1970’s and continues though today is inclusive. Everyone has a need to know what time it is day or night. The watch makers of Citizen work to make this ideology a reality.

Seiko is truly a household name, if not for its glitz and glamour, across the globe. Many people from all walks of life own a Seiko, know someone who does or have given one as a present to an associate. The history and catalogue of this company’s collections is well known and lengthy without a doubt. But some of the more recent and notable releases include the Grand Seiko, Astron, Prospex and Coutura. Each one of these collections particularly focuses on an aspect of artistic or functional design. The Grand Seiko is all about the classic essentials of the businessman’s watch. The Astron is the world’s first GPS solar watch. The Prospex is ready for any challenge that comes its way. The Coutura introduces radio sync solar technology.